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The Guitar Lesson Companion, Volume One

Beginning – Intermediate Level Guitar Method Book

“The Guitar Lesson Companion, Volume One, Second Edition” is a music reading primer, a chord and scale jam guide, and a basic theory workbook. It’s jam-packed with comprehensive exercises designed to take an absolute beginner step by step into the intermediate stages of playing. This book will challenge the average student for 2-3 years.


+ Read music and develop good technique from open through 12th position
+ Switch between chords clearly and in time: open, power, barre, 7th, extended, and altered chords
+ Create catchy rhythms and grooves using triad inversions with embellishments
+ Understand of music theory on paper, and on your guitar
+ Solo using patterns from the CAGED system with the Audio Tracks
+ Figure out what key a song is in and write songs in specific keys

BOOK SPECS: 160 8 ½” x 11″ pages with 17 black and white photographs, spiral binding, & online audio. ISBN #: 978-0-9777920-2-3

Also includes a Free Online Guitar Course (video lessons with weekly assignments)


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