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Enchant Vertical Dance

Intro to Pole Dance Workshop

Have you been curious about taking pole dance classes? Have you been thinking of trying it, but don’t want to commit to a 5-week series without knowing what to expect? This one-time intro workshop will give you a taste of everything we offer in our Pole 1 series. You will learn a fun routine that incorporates transitions, drama, musicality and multiple spins. No dance experience is necessary, we will teach you everything you need to know!

Enchant will be open for Phase 2
Buy now with no worry! If shelter in place is extended, we will reschedule your class and you will not forfeit your class passes.

Upon opening, Enchant will be required to enforce the following rules for all students.
1. All students will be required to wear masks at all times

2. All students and instructors will need to maintain a 6ft social distance (to the best of their ability)

3. All students will need to sign our new COVID waivers.

4. Any student who is sick, has been tested positive for covid in the last 14 days, been around someone who has tested positive for covid within the last 30 days or is in a high risk group (immunocompromised is the biggie!) cannot attend classes for their own safety.

5. Students must use hand sanitizer (provided) upon entry to the studio.

6. We are not able to provide water cups until this restriction is lifted. Students will need to bring their own water bottles.

7. Any equipment used by students must be wiped down before, during and after use with the isopropyl alcohol provided.

8. All inversion classes are canceled until at least July/until more restrictions are lifted.

9. If you are not enrolled in class, do not come to the studio. We have a maximum gathering limit of 5 people total (4 students, 1 instructor) and do not want to break that. Please email in questions instead of popping in with one.

10. No shared equipment/poles

11. All towels are for wiping down equipment and not to be used for anything else or used on bodies. All towels are to be used for one class, then placed in the hamper to be sanitized. Towels are not to be shared. If students need towels for sweat/personal use, they must bring their own.

12. No shared spray bottles.

13. All fitness and dance facilities have the right to require students to take their temperature at the door/before class. We do not plan to implement this at the moment as we are making it extremely clear to stay home and not attend if you feel sick and are also having instructors take their temperature daily. We still wanted to make note of this as we may change it at a later date if need be.

14. All classes in B have a max of 4 students while all classes in A have a max of 3.

Please see our COVID FAQ on our website for more info:

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