Fuse TemptAsian Sauces

Fragrant Lemongrass Soy

Fuse TemptAsian Sauces are hand-crafted in small batches, without added preservatives or sugars.

Each of our flavor profiles are designed to be fully versatile. Toss as a dressing, use as a dip, marinate, grill or stir-fry. It’s like a restaurant in a bottle.

Our lemongrass soy infuses fresh herbs and spices into a delicious aioli.

Tried, tested & true ideas:
* Amazing soup base – especially fun for a Faux pho.
* Marinate, tenderize and grill flank steak.
* Stir-fry udon noodles with your favorite veggies and protein.
* Delicious pork and pineapple skewers.
* Roast crispy pork belly


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